Rainbow Star Mandala

Last week on my Instagram page I shared this mandala pattern just as I had finished it! Now that I’ve had some time to go over the pattern and check for some mistakes (there were a few!), I thought I’d post it here with step by step photos!


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C2C Crochet Cushion Pattern: A Perfect Match

Time for a new pattern using one of my favourite stitches!
Introducing the ‘A Perfect Match’ C2C cushion: A 2 sided cushion celebrating my love of hearts and colourful designs!


Before you begin:

For those of you who might be new to C2C or need a little refresher, check out the beginning of my LOVE TRIANGLE C2C CUSHION helpful!

You’ll find a brief explanation on all things C2C and chart reading in that post.

Now onto the pattern!

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Crochet flower pattern

From time to time I like to post ‘mini’ patterns over on my Instagram page and thought it’d be a good idea to start posting them on here as well!

There’s only so much info I can fit on an ig post, so by putting the patterns on my blog, I can expand on the original post and include additional details and photos that I hope will be helpful! 🙂

Let’s start with these flowers!

I was inspired to make them after designing my Vintage Rainbow Mandala and Vintage Rainbow Square patterns!


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Vintage Rainbow Square

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while! Sorry about that!

I’m so glad to finally be able to have the time to post on my blog and share some new patterns with you all!

I thought I’d share this quick little square pattern today.


Does it look familiar? Let me explain..

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Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE 2


I just love granny squares and I’m always looking for an excuse to inject a bit of colour in any project so… here’s the second modern granny square in my ‘Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE’ series [I should really name it ‘how many ends can I create in one square’ series ;)]!  Continue reading “Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE 2”


CLOSED: Crafty CC’s Super Instagram Giveaway!

Almost two years ago in late September I created my @crafty_cc Instagram account and posted my first photo. I had only been crocheting for 5 months but I wanted to join the IG crochet community and learn from all the talented people in my phone! 🙂

I could never have imagined 2 years later that I’d have more than 20,000 followers (or the fact that I’d still be crocheting- I tend to bounce from one craft to another) and have people admire what I post 🙂 🙂 I’ve had so many amazing opportunities arise thanks to you guys that I wanted to create this special event!

So when I saw my follower count slowly reaching 20,000 I started to plan a giveaway to thank you all for your support!

What started as a crazy idea back in late July has finally come into fruition! I’m holding a ‘Super giveaway’ with the help of some pretty awesome people!!

I’m so excited to give 10 people the chance to win some really cool prize packs!
Please note: You will need an Instagram account to enter.

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Crochet pattern: Vintage Rainbow Mandala

One of my favourite things to crochet are mandalas! I’ve made so many in the 2 years I’ve been crocheting and can’t get enough of them!

I love the fact that I can finish one in a few hours (and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something :P) and learn new stitches at the same time!

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Crochet Pattern: Raindrops Square

Here’s the newest addition to my ever growing collection of textured rainbow pieces! Meet the ‘Raindrops square’- a square packed with texture and colour!

square 1


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5 rainbow colourways to use in your next crochet project!

I often get asked what colours I use in my crochet projects, so today I’ve compiled a list of the colourways I most frequently use!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Celine, you always use the same colours, how could you possibly make a whole blog post on that!?’ Great question, I thought the same thing! Surprisingly, there are so many shade variations and combinations within the 6 (yes, I know a rainbow has 7 colours) main colours that I was able to make this list of 5!

These colourways were put together based on their aesthetic – I’m not well-versed in the subject of colour theory, I thought they just looked pretty!  😛
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Hugs and Kisses Crochet Squares

Hugs and kisses (XOXO) or tic tac toe? How about both?! These squares are so much fun to make and take no time at all!

Click here to purchase a printable PDF version of these patterns that includes 2 crochet charts!

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