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Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE 2


I just love granny squares and I’m always looking for an excuse to inject a bit of colour in any project so… here’s the second modern granny square in my ‘Reinventing the GRANNY SQUARE’ series [I should really name it ‘how many ends can I create in one square’ series ;)]! Granny Square pattern + a lot of colour changes = a geo rainbow square (with a lot of ends to sew in :P)

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crochet pattern

Hugs and Kisses Crochet Squares

Hugs and kisses (XOXO) or tic tac toe? How about both?! These squares are so much fun to make and take no time at all!

I really would love to make a ‘Hugs and Kisses’ throw using these squares in the near future! I’ll be sure to make a blog post when I finally get around to doing that 😉

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img_4869Corner to corner crochet is one of my favourite crochet stitch methods- hopefully by the end of this pattern it’ll be one of yours too!

This pattern contains a brief introduction into C2C, along with charts and written instructions on how to make this cushion. 

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Odds and Ends Yarn Basket

Happy New Year!

While I’m not really one for resolutions, one thing I want to do this year is sort out my yarn storage!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found random bits of yarn around the house!

Last night I was determined to start taking control of those left over little bits of yarn and searched the web for a small crochet basket pattern that I could keep on my desk.

Although I found quite a few patterns, nothing really stood out- so I came up with this!


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