PDF patterns

I also like to offer a PDF version of patterns I post on my blog. You can purchase them on Etsy, LoveCrafts & Raverly.


What’s a PDF?

PDF stands for ‘portable document format’. When a file is saved in this format, it makes it much easier to print, save to most devices and maintain it’s original appearance and content.

Why would I want to buy something that’s already available for free on your blog?

Great question! There’s a few reasons why you might consider purchasing the pattern:

Additional content

These PDF versions contain additional information and resources that are not included in the blog post.

Some of these things might include:

  • Step-by- step photos for each rnd
  • Full crochet chart
  • Extra pattern
  • Exact amounts for each colour listed in metres and yards
  • Alternative joining method

This will vary from pattern to pattern, so be sure to read the description of the PDF listing to see what’s included.

Ad free

I use Google Ads to support the running of my site. This means that there will often be ads displayed throughout the site and therefore on the pages of the patterns.

There are no ads in the PDF version.

Printer friendly

My website isn’t printer friendly. This means that if you try to print a pattern straight from the page it’s on, you’ll end up printing everything you see on the screen (ads, comments etc)!

The PDF version is printer friendly!

User friendly

I’ve formatted each file in a way that’s easy to read- the written pattern is seperate to the images.

Helps support my future crochet endeavours!

I do my best to provide as much free content as possible and any support is always welcome! 🙂