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REVIEW: WATG Out of Space Dyed Shiny Happy Cotton

It’s no secret that I have recently discovered the beautiful world of using cotton yarn and have slowly amassed a small collection of a variety of brands.

So when Wool and the Gang asked me to try out some of their new colour additions to their Shiny Happy Cotton range, I was over the moon (pun intended)!

The new additions, Out of Space Dyed Yarn, include the colourways: Far Out Pink, Breathing Space Blue, Space Cadet Colours and 101 spots.

I was sent 3 balls of this beautifully soft, 100% pima cotton, aran weight yarn!  What’s great too is that they’re 100 gram balls- none of those deceptive 50g balls that cotton often comes in!

Colourways: Out of Space Dyed: Far Out Pink (top), 101 spots (middle)

As much as I’d love to keep them and look at them in all of their perfectly round glory, it would be a shame to waste such beautiful yarn!

But what to make?

I was immediately drawn to the 101 spots colourway and had just the perfect pattern in mind.

Just Pootling’s  Beautiful Bobble Cushion  was the perfect match! Using some black cotton I had in my stash, along with the 101 spots Shiny Happy Cotton, the specks of black along with the addition of a few black bobbles remind me of a Dalmatian dog- WATG’s inspiration for this colourway.

The yarn was a dream to work with and I just can’t wait to finish it!

Now for the ‘Far Out Pink’!

I must admit I tend to steer clear of any variegated yarn. Unfortunately, for crocheters, self-striping/variegated yarn is often geared towards knitters. For some reason crochet stitches don’t allow the colours to pool as intended.

However with such beautiful colours, I couldn’t let this yarn go to waste!

It was time for some experimenting! I worked up two sample swatches to see how it would pool!


What a difference!

The c2c piece (right) created a sprinkle/tweed pattern whilst the linen swatch (left) created a less cluttered, almost leopard like print!

Which colour configuration do you prefer? ⠀

I even tried combining the two colourways together using this African Flower Motif pattern!

It kind of works, right?!

Thanks again to Wool and the Gang for letting me try out this beautiful yarn! I now have just a few more #wips to added to my ever growing collection!

If you’d like a chance to win some of this yarn, head on over to my Instagram to find out how to enter! Be quick- you only have a week to enter!

-Celine (@crafty_cc)

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